Age of War
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Age of War

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Age of War is a tactical warfare strategy game that revolves around defending your base and destroying the enemy base. In this game, player start in the Stone Age and progress through different historical eras, from ancient civilizations to the future. The objective is to build and upgrade armies, defend your base and launch attacks on the enemy.

The war... The war never ends

You will begin your journey in the Stone Age, and as you gain experience, you will be able to evolve your civilization to the next age, unlocking more powerful units.
There are five different eras, ranging from prehistoric times with wooden club-wielding cave dwellers riding dinosaurs, to futuristic times with flying tanks and fighting robots, to the Renaissance and its soldiers equipped with arquebuses.

Balance is everything

The game requires a careful balance between attack and defense, so be sure to build defenses like turrets or defensive weapons to repel continued attacks from enemy troops, and produce your own units in sufficient numbers to attack and eventually destroy your opponent's base. Some powerful powers, different in each era, will also help you destroy outnumbered enemy troops from time to time.

Age of War, a game that marked an era

The game was originally released in Flash by Louissi in 2007 and has since been remastered in HTML5 to be played on modern browsers and for the best mobile experience. This is probably one of the most popular base defense games of all time.
The music was composed by Waterflame and has been stuck in the minds of many children ever since.

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Adăugat la: 01 Nov 2007