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My Country Is The World

My Country Is The World

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I have made this animation as a contribution for The Venus Project and its activist arm The Zeitgeist Movement to create awareness and educate people through art forms.

The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a redesign of our outdated social system towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization, where human rights, high standard of living and environmental protection are an applicable way of life. Earth is abundant with plentiful resources and clean energy; unfortunately, the monetary system, motivated by profit and self-interest of the minority of elites has abused nature, science, technology and human lives for centuries and is still threatening humanity’s survival. On the other hand, the resource-based economy utilizes existing resources rather than money and provides an equitable and efficient method of distributing these resources for the entire population, through the intelligent and humane application of science and technology.
The Venus Project proposes the Circular City as one of multiple cities’ designs that are built on the concept of a resource-based economy. These cities are designed to operate with minimum expenditure of energy using the cleanest technology available and will be in harmony with nature to obtain the highest possible standard of living for everyone.
Looking at the bigger picture, through this short animation I suggest that my country is the whole world, not limited by race or boundaries. I started the animation with an indication of the significance of education. The camera tilts down away from shelves filled with books to a drop of ink, which in turn, evolves through time into a tree, reminding the viewer of the evolution and symbolizing the ink drop as the origin of all organic matter. Moreover, suggesting that knowledge can spark or be the root of revolutionizing the world into a better place. A world that is currently based on a monetary system and human greed presented as an oil factory causing pollution, global warming and poverty leading to wars and extinction of all forms of life. A world map created and soon destructed by the insanity of humankind, warning viewers of the consequences that are awaiting our future if we continue into this path. At this point, I have shifted from an old black and white film theme into a clean bright and more hopeful and optimistic future. Leaving the viewer with the choice of making the world a better place.

Adăugat la: 29 Apr 2017