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Domscheit-Berg: WikiLeaks vs OpenLeaks

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What WikiLeaks does is it is accepting information from sources and it is publishing that information and it is responsible for everything in between. So there is a lot of work in between receiving something and publishing it again if you want to make sure the source is anonymous. If you have a high work load you need a lot of resources to work on all of that. You have to make a lot of political decisions in between. You have to have standards by which you decide, again, what's private and what's public, or what should be private and what should be public. And these are a lot of questions that are coming up in one organization. And what OpenLeaks does is we're trying to be less than that. We're just focusing on the part that has to protect the source and we're offering that technology to existing organizations. So we're basically a service provider. We're a very specific solution to the question about anonymous sources and how these sources can submit material and still be protected. So in the future, hopefully, you can go to websites like, I don't know, leaks.greenpeace.org and if you know about an environmental scandal you can say, Greenpeace would be the best recipient for this, and you can send it in to them and then you can specify that if they don't want it, you will give it to them exclusively for four weeks, and if they don't act up on it, it should be distributed within the system to all the other partners. And by that dynamic you make sure that first of all you have someone that has exclusive access to information, and this is just how the media economy works, they need a scoop, they want a scoop, and on the other hand you can make sure that if they don't take the scoop, because they're not interested in the material, it still gets distributed to others, so you avoid the whole gate keeping that the media unfortunately is doing.

Categorie: Tehnologie
Adăugat la: 07 May 2017