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Descrierea videoclipului:

Our basic idea, create a new video. It starts with great enthusiasm, eager to create something new, something positive in that the main idea is to give a push to the national skate, give a different visual touch by fanning national riders. A production that is running despite suffering from knocks and little credibility, lack of confidence, lack of support ... absence of investors ... those difficulties make this idea become a failed ... still half try, our illusions still give small push with enough force to do a cleaning of the first shots that we recorded in 2010-2011 creating this little clip called cleaning up.
We want to continue making videos. Give us your support by making a little known and we promise you we will want a little more.
Main Riders:
- Miguel del Rio
- Nahuel Ortega
- Axel Sapera
- Rel Sand
- Samy Anderson
- Marc Schmidt
- David Xu
- Boris A. Lenhardt
- Boris A. Lenhardt
- Frank de las Carreras
- Patt Rueda
- Barcelona
- Vilafranca
- Sitges
- Calafell
- Yunico Audiovisuals
- Mammoth Skateboards
- And many riders estubieron present for those good times.
Pursuit of Happiness (KiD CuDi Cover) - Lissie

Adăugat la: 23 Mar 2017
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