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Skiddy Taxi

8,302 timp joc

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Have fun with Skiddy Taxi, a fun arcade car game where in your goal is to patiently draw the route that the taxi must follow to pick up all the passengers along its way to the finish line. Check each point on the map, stop the rotating arrow at the right moment to extend your route without crashing and once you have built the ideal route, start driving automatically until the end of each level. Determine the route with patience, avoid the traffic hazards of a city full of vehicles, think carefully all your steps and manage to overcome a total of 30 unique and really exciting levels. Stay alert, show your skills as a driver and enjoy a simple game for all ages with detailed pixel graphics inspired by the games of the 80's. Enjoy playing this taxi car game here at Y8.com!

Adăugat la: 24 Jun 2023